This is a space to highlight our yoga practitioners and show that anyone in any type of body can be successful at yoga



"I started yoga back in 2012. I began yoga to help with my flexibility with weightlifting and CrossFit. Yoga has improved my life in every single aspect! I have become more confident in myself, I am more patient, and all around just a better person, wife, mom, and friend. It is so much more than just the physical aspect! My favorite pose is Savasana. It is so great to find stillness. I need stillness in my life as a mom. This pose was so hard for me

when I first started my practice but now (most days) I find it so peaceful! My favorite part of yoga overall is just that it's a practice! My practice is my own and it only belongs to me. I have nothing to prove to anyone when I am practicing and that to me is beautiful! I can come into my practice with zero expectations and leave my practice with what whatever I needed that day!" 


"I started yoga just one year ago. I met Lacy who told me she taught in town. I very nervously decided to try and take a class soon after having been diagnosed with secondary infertility and before we started our IVF journey.(Where we successfully became pregnant!!)

It was truly #loveatfirstsavasana, during which I wept silent tears of joy, pride, and relief. Having always had major body image and self esteem issues, after this unexpected obstacle, I started to once again hate my body and blame it for what it couldn't do. I thought this may be a good outlet to relieve stress and find a healthy release from what I was going through. Yoga changed my mental mindset completely. Instead of resenting my body for what it couldn't do, I slowly started to shift my focus to what it CAN do and all I am capable of.  I love being able to push myself and see what I can improve on.

I don't have a favorite yoga pose just yet. At this stage late in my pregnancy, I love anything that relieves tension in my hips and low back. My most favorite part of yoga is how good it makes me feel physically and mentally and how much it pushes me to do MY personal best and that it's okay if that means not being absolutely perfect, because it's MY practice."


"My yoga journey started with Wine Down Wednesday! It was during the Covid shutdown so I was looking for friends and ways to stay active while staying home. Yoga has given me ways to cope. Coping with stress, pain, anxiety, life... I feel more in tune with myself through the practice and through the amazing people I share the space with. My favorite pose is child's pose! When I'm in child's pose, it stretches out my shoulders and hips, which always need the extra help. My spine is lengthened and aligned and I just feel GOOD. I am centered and grounded here. Yoga is my self care. I love being able to do something strictly for me and focus on improving ME. I have no one else to worry about, no one else to impress. This is my practice and my journey :)))"


"My yoga journey began two years ago. I always wanted to try yoga, as I heard it was a great way to exercise with low impact to the body. The gym that I had a membership to added yoga to the schedule, so I figured that I would give it a try. I really enjoyed it then, just as I do today. When I practice, I feel completely relaxed. Yoga has helped me with strength, flexibility, and finding my center. My favorite two poses are full body stretch and bridge pose, as they help my lower back and shoulders. Yoga has given me something to look forward to during the week, especially during the 2020 pandemic. It allows me to look inward and take care of my mind and my body."


"My yoga journey began in 1998 when  I was starting to take golf and fitness more seriously.  Wanting to get into better shape, increase flexibility, and learn ways to find calm and focus, I stumbled across a Yoga show on cable.  I decided to try it and it stuck.  I used to record episodes using a VCR and began practicing daily.  I continued off and on for several years but stopped in the early 2000s.  It wasn’t until 2 ½ years ago that I came back to Yoga through my girlfriend and yoga instructor Catherine!  Her love and passion for yoga has reinspired me! It is so great taking classes together and I love when she teaches.  It is such a great thing to share with one another.
Yoga has done a lot for me. Physically, it helps with my back issues, flexibility, and core strength for golf.   Emotionally and mentally, the breathing helps center me especially in the morning before the stress of the day creeps in.  The calm and focus after a class really help to center my entire mind and spirit.  It’s amazing how different a day is that begins with a Yoga class! I have a few favorite poses, but if I had to pick I would say cat/cow, especially on days when my back is at its worse.  I like how the flow gets me focused and the back bending helps relieve the tension in my lower back. It’s also a natural way to combine movement with breath.
The breathing is my favorite part of yoga, definitely the breathing.  Combining poses with deep breaths creates a connection between mind and body that no other physical exercise does for me.  During a yoga retreat early in 2020 I learned about the idea of receiving breath as opposed to taking a breath.  Breathing is a precious gift that we receive and should not be taken.  Such a simple yet beautiful philosophy."


"My yoga Journey began several years ago in the early 2000's with a class at the YWCA. That inspired me to purchase a VCR video of yoga so that I could practice on my own time. When I felt comfortable, I started to take more classes at local studios. When my daughter Lacy was a young teenager, we started taking classes together as well. Our yoga journey together started out once a week with a great teacher who took the time to show us how to correctly do each pose. From there, our yoga journey together took wings and flourished.

As her practice grew my practice grew and soon I realized that not only was I gaining strength, but my body aches and pain was alleviated. I have even gained an extra inch of height since starting a regular yoga practice! I found myself growing more flexible, more grounded less fearful and proud of not only Lacy, but myself for finding a way through life.

I have also grown spiritually through yoga having a space to free my mind and focus only on the goodness and the light it is far beyond the Earthly life I live. I have two favorite poses, first is forward fold. I can feel my flexibility and release the tightness in my shoulders neck and fascia with each forward fold. Second is Queens pose during Savasana. Here I can completely let go and release tension and take the time to focus completely on the present moment. 

My favorite part of yoga is finding a space to not only share with my daughter but to completely focus on my own journey for an hour each day freeing myself from worldly stress and  doing something positive just for me." 


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